Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Thursday, September 23, 2004
How it all began
We first came up with the idea of a film staring Sky Mangel back in April.

We had the poster, but the ideas I came up with at the time were a bit unoriginal.

Ideas for plots for Sky Mangel: The Movie:

Ok, I've been thinking...some ideas....

*Sky discovers she's been cloned in a lab!.

*Sky wants to become a popstar! it's destination London!!. No, ok...she...finds out she's really a princess!

*Sky travels back in time!

*She's running a radio station! With pirates!

*She attends a space camp! Alright then...she fights the forces of evil...there's futuristic robots...

*Alright then. Sky is an undiscovered genius. One day she's working as a janitor, and there's this equation on the board....

*A theme park with dinosaurs

I'm really quite stuck. I want to do a road trip movie, but that's about as original as the ideas I've already put. But really, Sky has to go on a vacation of some kind, because otherwise it would just be an episode of Neighbours.


A month or so later, the sequel idea was a little bit more successful:

Synopsis for Home-Run Sky:

It's the summer time, and school's out! The Ramsay St gang have a great three months planned...Lemonade stalls, soapbox races, and plenty of tree climbing! However, one day they return from swinging on tyres over the lake to find that their club house has been burned down to the ground! With all their summer plans ruined, Sky comes up with a new project - putting together a baseball team!

There's just one problem - the gang can't play! Despite Sky's best efforts to whip them into shape, this gang of mixed-up misfits just can't win a match! It's fun and laughter at first, but soon the gang run into their worst rivals - The Anson's Corner All Stars. The All Stars challenge the Ramsay St Rookies to a game, and Boyd says yes! But how can the gang become a world class baseball team within a fortnight, to defeat the Anson's Corner mob??

Sky knows there's only one option...they need to convince their Neighbour Kevin Costner, a former pro baseball player, to come out of retirement! But this time he says he has retired for good! However, after a bit of pleading from the gang, Kevin proves the old adage that good Neighbours become good friends, by agreeing to coach the kids!

It's not easy, but after a few wacky training sessions, the gang start to get the hang of it! However, complications arise when Kevin begins a romance with Boyd's mum (she's not dead in the movie). Boyd doesn't want to accept Kevin into the family, and becomes disobedient at training, eventually quitting the team! 'You're not my real dad!'

Can Sky convince Boyd, their best pitcher, to re-join the team in time for the big game? And will Boyd ever come to terms with his new family? They'll be down by 14 runs at half-time, but when Boyd shows up at the last moment, you know that with an angel in the outfield, and a backfield in motion, that this team are in a league of their own!

Luckily though, we've finally found our true calling - remaking the Beatles films with Sky in the lead role! It's so simple I don't know how I didn't think of it sooner.

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