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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Lyn Mechanics
My GOD, it just keeps getting better and better!

It's a different theme each night, it seems! Last night's Lyn Mechanics quote was:

'It's OK to put all of your eggs
in one basket. As long as some of
them are BUSINESS eggs, and some of
them are EMOTIONAL eggs'

That is just brilliant. It makes all the sense of Life Mechanics, ie, none.

And football last night, eggs tonight - What next?! I think it's inevitable that a road that leads to success will eventually be mentioned at this rate.
Delta's Album!

I listened to it with Cameron's track-by-track review next to me so that I could be informed and enlightened. By pure coincidence, our opinions are quite similar. I'll go through the album track-by-track as well, giving both mine and Cameron's views.

1. Out Of The Blue:
Cameron Says: This version ups the drama with a Beatlesque crescendo
Crystal Says: I agree

2. The Analyst:
Cameron Says: This is brilliant
Crystal Says: I'll second that

3. Mistaken Identity:
Cameron Says: Her ultra personal pop-masterpiece. Think Tori Amos doing the soundtrack to Moulin Rogue.
Crystal Says: Couldn't have put it any better myself

4. Extraordinary Day:
Cameron Says: Peer into Delta's diary as she relives the day she was diagnosed with cancer. Suitably dark and intense
Crystal: Yes, it is.

5. A Little Too Late:
Cameron Says: Clever, late ABBA-esque pop song...Intoxicating
Crystal Says: THIS SONG IS BRILLIANT. In a Mark Holden's the:


6. Be Strong:
Cameron Says: Poignant, positive ballad
Crystal Says: Yeah, it's a ballad. It's quite good

7. Electric Storm:
Cameron Says: A moody pop song you wouldn't expect from Delta
Crystal Says: Ditto

8. Almost Here:
Cameron Says: The duet with Brian McFadden...a big melancholic power ballad
Crystal Says: BEST SONG EVER (again)

9. Miscommunication:
Cameron Says: Hmmm
Crystal Says: Yeah, it's crap

10. Sanctuary:
Cameron Says: Another classy, string-soaked pop symphony
Crystal Says: That is correct

11. Last Night On Earth:
Cameron Says: Swings between subtle verses and a rather colossal chorus
Crystal Says: Yes it does

12. Fragile:
Cameron Says: Stark, tender ballad
Crystal Says: A bit average, really

13. Disoriented:
Cameron Says: Another dark-tinged document of her recovery
Crystal Says: Yeah. I'm getting slightly tired of it as well

14. You Are My Rock:
Cameron Says: A public thank you to brother Trent
Crystal: And it's very nice, actually.

Bonus Track - No One Listened
Cameron Says: No review
Crystal Says: Well I'm all up the creek with no canoe then

It's not the BEST ALBUM EVER, unfortunately. But it's pretty bonza. A Little Too Late really is the best song ever, and the Brian McFadden duet is suprisingly brilliant.

3.5 Dogs
(I can't be bothered to find dog icon)
What's Give Or Take One Year Anyway?

Just FYI: I am joining in with the movement to have Liz Phair named as the Album Of 2004.

I also really really like her 'Exile In Guyville' album now, so I'm going to name that the second best album of 2004 (original release date 1993). What's give or take 11 years anyway? Who says modern music has to be depressing!
Friday, November 05, 2004

I've dropped my copy of 'The Masterplan' and it is ruined. The song 'The Masterplan' is unlistenable.

I am devastated.

Nothing will be able to take the pain away, until I can afford a new copy.

In happier news, I have been enjoying a bit of Billie's 'Honey To The B' album:


Sum 41 Guest Program Rage:
The question being, will they pick Avril? Enjoy (or endure) their choices, Sat on ABC
- Cameron Adams, yesterday.

I have mixed feelings about the Sum 41 guest program. On the one hand:



And there's also this brilliant section, all in a row:

Suffragette City - DAVID BOWIE
A Day In The Life - THE BEATLES
Don't Look Back In Anger - OASIS

That will be a bonza 15 minutes.

But on the OTHER hand:

Die, Die My Darling - METALLICA
Whiplash - METALLICA
Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying? - MEGADETH
Master Of Puppets - METALLICA
Holy Wars - MEGADETH

Thursday, November 04, 2004
This Is A Paid Announcement

Dear Oscar,

The Cooks is still shit. (And always will be)

Love Crystal
I need a HiT
Seeing as I've already posted today's cover of HiT, here's a rather fetching picture of Cameron Adams instead:

HiT was so awesome today.

Cameron has totally made me want to get Delta's album now. He makes it sound like it's her very own Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (ie, Excellent). There was also Cameron's most random and possibly most hilarious comment ever in the album chart section:

Green Day - American Idiot: The first concept album in the charts since Scott Cain's 'Controlled Folly'.

Ha. And also, ?? That was so nonsensical and random Cameron. You are so back in your position of Jesus now.

And within the first 2 pages of HiT today...there were the following things:
  • A mention of Double The Fist
  • The line 'Bono saves the world'
  • Complaining about this week's Rage guest programming

    I don't want to suggest anything suspicious though. All coincidences, I'm sure.
    How Surprising
    I haven't bought HiT today, but...

    Apparently there's going to be a little bit of Delta Goodrem in it.

    Can't wait for THAT.
    Wednesday, November 03, 2004
    Move Over Stu.. It's Lyn's turn now

    As Boys II Men would say, we have come to the end of the road (of success).
    As The Beatles would say, it's a long and winding road (of success), that has led to this door.
    And like Willie Nelson MIGHT say, the day may come when we just can't wait to get back on the road (of success) again.

    But not right now.

    Neighbours made one thing very clear tonight - STU IS FINISHED.

    Now it's all about Lyn...

    "Taking control of the steering wheel" is out, and "Kicking goals" is in. It's now time for us to get in front of the goal posts, keep our eyes on the ball, and win the match of life.

    We are taking Lyn on board as our full time life advisor from now on as well. I don't know if she'll ever be as good as Stu, but we are going to give her the chance.

    It's the end of an era, but the start of a new one.
    Lyn Mechanics Update

    Lyn went for her first Life Mechanics er, "Life Coaching" class today.

    It's totally Life Mechanics 2. It even shares the same basic principal that made LM great - metaphors.

    With Life MECHANICS, it was about cars.
    With Life COACHING, it is about coaching. Football, apparently.

    Today Lyn was all about 'kicking goals' and 'moving the score more goals'. (I think)

    Isn't it just the greatest thing ever?

    Tuesday, November 02, 2004
    Temporary Road Block

    On Magical Mystery Tours, there are often times when you hit a crossroads, have to take a wrong turn, reverse, stop, pull over and...ok, that's enough. This is just to say that while I'm writing my novel, I might not be updating here as much. I'll be updating HERE plenty, but the brakes are being put on this blog a bit.

    Of course, I'll probably be back later today with 3 million posts about Neighbours and U2, but hey.
    Sunday, October 31, 2004
    Moderate U2 Appreciation Mania

    So it's started already...I've acquired a U2 album. (Don't worry, I didn't pay for it). And I have to say, I like what I hear. I also got JoJo's album.

    It's all because of a bloody comedy theme week. These things mess with my heads. But, oh well...who says listening to U2 has to be depressing?
    Let's Get Novelling!
    Three hours till National Novel Writing Month kicks off!!!!

    I, thank Noel, have found inspiration at the last minute, and I am SO excited about the novel I am writing.

    The outline is of course here

    (Please forgive that I have not worded or explained it very clearly or entertainingly.)

    TV...journalism...Blur VS Oasis...peace & big giant in-joke.... yeah, it's all there.
    'Marky Mark is saying Peace'

    If the Funky Bunch were the early 90s Beatles equivalents, then Marky Mark was the John Lennon of the crew.

    Never was this more clearly demonstrated than with the release of his song 'Peace'.

    And just like JL, Marky Mark imagined all the people, living for may say he's a dreamer...

    'I think it's time we define the peace sign,
    the peace I find is a peace of mind!
    I'll take a piece of your ass before I
    turn the other cheek!
    Marky Mark speaks peace!'

    It was a vision of a utopian society that we will probably never achieve, sadly. Still, keep the faith...

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