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Saturday, October 09, 2004

You know what, I refuse to accept this result. I don't care if Australia has 'decided'...they have decided WRONG. I'll be just living in denial for the next three years - see you when I get back to reality in 2007!

I won't bore you with the details of my Fun Political Day today, but to wrap-up I spent all of today:

  • Convincing people to vote Green (preferencing Labour)
  • Feeling excited that the Greens would pick up a load of votes,
  • But that Labour would also win
  • Every time I saw a picture of Mark Latham, waving at it and saying 'Hello future Prime Minister Mark Latham!'
  • Excitedly informing everyone that tomorrow is 'the start of a brand new era!'

    And then I get home, and a nightmare begins slowly unfolding on the TV screen.

    That is IT. Fuck YOU, Australia. Where's my brand new era gone? My youthful heart was filled with fucking joy this afternoon and NOW YOU'VE RUINED IT.

    Every single animation in the country has been taken down.

    I hate everyone.

    Mel C Against The Beatles
    - Who's The Best?

    It's like a competition, lyric is the beat, I wanna get in the zone


    If you heard the phrase most influential music act ever, from Liverpool... most people are just going to ASSUME "Mel C" is involved. However, just recently there's a new train of thought amongst the music 'circles' that perhaps The Beatles could challenge Mel C for this title...let's find out shall we!

    The Fab 4 Versus The Fab 1!
    - Who is the most great?

    1. Who Has The Best Music?

    Well, to be honest, we've got to hand this one right to Mel C. It's a bit of a no-brainer.

    2. Who Starred In The Best Movie?

    The Beatles starred in a movie tracing 2 days in the life of a pop band as they ran amuck around London trying to make it to a gig on time. Mel C starred in a movie tracing 5 days in the life of a pop band as they run amuck around London trying to make it to their big gig on time. So it's not really fair to compare the two.

    Mel C DOES take this one as well though, just.

    3. Who was most likely to dress like a pimp?

    As nice as Mel C looks most of the time...her style is 'plain', to say the least. One point to The Beatles here!

    3. Who Made The Best Album Ever?

    As unfair as it is to put Reason up against Sgt Peppers, that's what we have to do. Another point to Mel C.

    Final Score: 3-1 in favour of Mel C! We knew it!
    Retro Album Appreciation Mania

    You know, there's this thing that happens around every 8 months or so. Something makes me put Northern Star on, and I spend the next three days thinking I love Mel C. It's a cruel trick my mind plays on me.

    But, even I, Number One Mel C hater, have to admit this album rules. Feel The Sun is 10 times better than anything the Spice Girls ever did...and it hurts my soul to say that. And Suddenly Monday is Beatles-tastic. It's also better than any Spice Girls song.

    I really need to return to normal. Then again...what better way to kick off E.B/SG/O.A.M.W than with a post about the brilliant Mel C. She rules.
    Friday, October 08, 2004

    * Election tomorrow!!!!! I'm so excited!
    * Chanel is singing 'Across The Universe'! OMG OMG. I will be voting for her for the first time ever.
    * Did you see that guy's Beatles house/shrine? Oh my God, I want to move in with him. I would never leave if I went inside. That will so totally be my house one day anyway though. Except with Spice Girls stuff.

    Speaking of...I am so re-obsessed with them. I watched Spiceworld for the first time in about a year yesterday, and it just bought the magic right back. After I finished working today I spent the rest of the day making Spice Girls Compilation albums. I made three, actually...

    1. Bumper To Bumper (Aka 'Stu's Favourite Song Ever)
    2. Take Me Home
    3. One Of These Girls
    4. Baby Come Round
    5. Spice Invaders
    6. Step To Me
    7. Walk Of Life
    8. Outer Space Girls
    9. Aint No Stopping Us Now
    10. Christmas Wrapping

    I only realised after the fact that I forgot 'Strongest Suit'. Damn it to hell.

    1. 2 Become 1
    2. Mama
    3. Naked
    4. Too Much
    5. Viva Forever
    6. Let Love Lead The Way
    7. Time Stands Still
    8. Oxygen
    9. Goodbye
    10. 2 Become 1 Orchestral Mix
    11. Viva Forever Remix
    12. Goodbye Orchestral Mix

    'Good Songs'
    1. Wannabe
    2. Say You'll Be There
    3. Love Thing
    4. Who Do You Think You Are
    5. If You Can't Dance
    6. Spice Up Your Life
    7. Stop
    8. Move Over
    9. Do It
    10. Lady Is A Vamp
    11. Holler
    12. Right Back Atcha
    13. Weekend Love

    The Spice Girls are so awesome. I think I'm going to have to write a book about them...I am more than willing to dedicate my life to being a full-time Spice Girls fan.

    Now I feel like making lists.

    Top 5 Spice Girls Songs Ever:
    1. Goodbye
    2. Wannabe
    3. Who Do You Think You Are
    4. Spice Up Your Life
    5. Outer Space Girls

    Top 5 Oasis Songs Ever:
    1. Supersonic
    2. Live Forever
    3. The Masterplan
    4. Some Might Say
    5. Slide Away

    Top 5 Beatles Songs Ever:
    1. With A Little Help From My Friends
    2. Hello Goodbye
    3. A Day In The Life
    4. Strawberry Fields Forever
    5. Across The Universe

    Spice Girls In Decending Order Of Exellence:

    1. Geri Halliwell

    [Large Gap]

    2. Victoria Beckham
    3. Melanie Brown
    4. Emma Bunton

    [Extremely Large Gap]

    5. Mel C

    Beatles In Decending Order Of Excellence:

    1. Ringo Starr

    [Large Gap]

    2. John Lennon
    3. George Harrison

    [Extrememly Large Gap]

    4. Paul McCartney

    Oasis In Decending Order Of Excellence:

    1. Noel Gallagher
    2. Liam Gallagher
    3. Erm...
    4. The other
    5. ones

    Extreme Spice Girls/Oasis/Beatles Appreciation Mania Week coming up btw!
    Thursday, October 07, 2004
    Top 5 Reasons Neighbours Has Ruled This Week
    1. Puntastic Titles
    'Boyds To Men'. Excellent. If tomorrow's is called 'The Sky's the Limit' I might just explode.

    2. Stu Extravaganza
    On Tuesday night, Stu was involved in not one, but TWO major storylines. Plus, for the one minute he wasn't on screen, the other characters were talking about him.

    3. The Return Of Sky's Blue Streaks
    Old school Sky has returned. Welcome back Sky, we missed you!

    4. Lesbianism
    Lana on Izzie: 'She's a hottie'. And then Sky's jealous reaction...brilliant.

    5. Taj Mentioned TWICE
    I think Taj's name was flung around on two consecutive nights! Gone but not forgotten! Woohoo!
    Wednesday, October 06, 2004
    Magazine Business

    I think I'm taking the David Brent approach to management a bit far, because instead of working the past three days, I've spent all my time coming up with a cross between Noel's House Party and Telly Addicts.

    I promise that tomorrow I am turning over a new leaf.

    Not that I have abandoned magazines altogether...I've certainly been reading a lot. You know, I think my magazine addiction rivals my CD addiction, and that is saying something. Sometimes I go to the newsagents twice a day. Just in the past week I've bought Chik, S-Girl, NME, NME Originals Glam Special, New Dawn, Writer's Magazine, Elle and Vogue. I can say it's 'research' all I like, but it's NOT. I don't even read them, really.

    Damn...that leaf really needs to be turned. I'll be climbing a brand new tree, starting right now.


    I know what I am writing my novel on!! (Sort of) I can't wait for November 1.
    Monday, October 04, 2004
    Delta Goodrem - Out Of The Blue

    I don't care if she dumped Stu, cheated on Taj, cursed our Olympic athletes and murdered WOMP...this is the best song in the world.

    Daniel???? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    This is like a terrible nightmare.

    On the otherhand, the Courtney bashing last night = EXCELLENT. The best bit was when he almost cried. I rewound it back twice to laugh.


    And next week is Beatles Theme Night! I knew they must be having one when no one did a Beatles song for 60s Night.
    Sunday, October 03, 2004
    These Words
    First of all, some quick FAQs

    So, what happened to Sky's Magical Mystery Tour then?

    I sort of stopped writing it.

    This place is pretty much just about peddling whatever your latest 'wares' are now isn't it?


    When is WOMP coming back? I miss him.

    Believe me, I restrain myself from using the Blogger 'Invite' function every day. But he's busy in heaven, so we should let him be.

    Official NaNoWriMo 20\ 04 Participant

    Click on the picture to go to the site and join! I want EVERYONE to do it. It is going to be extreme and bonza.

    Remember that quote from Spiceworld? 'Mel C, who's convinced that she could become an Olympic ski jump champion - if she could only overcome her fear of heights, and of snow...and if she could just get her hands on a pair of skis.'

    As much as I HATE to compare myself to Mel C, that's exactly how I feel, if you replaced skiing with writing. I'm convinced I could become a best selling author, if I could just overcome my fear of keyboards, and word processors...and if I could just actually write something.

    My freelancing course tells me that the number one fear to overcome is Fear Of The Blank Screen. God, I KNOW. I could stare at one for hours. This isn't really very helpful, when I've got magazines and novels to produce.

    Anyway, enough of Negativity Hour. I'll just have to keep reminding myself to take control of the steering wheel, etc.

    I now have a total of two employees on my non-existent 'pay-roll'. This is excellent though, as I was expecting to get exactly zero people interested. As this rate I'll be requiring resumes.

    But now, finally, I have the opportunity to put all my David Brent skills into practice. I'll be using humour to boost worker moral, introducing the controversial 'team individuality' management technique, and of course, using jigsaws as my number one method. Which you will fear. Especially if you view them through a keyhole.

    Woohoo! Remember I AM still looking for staff, so if you want a boss who's a friend first, and an entertainer third, apply right now.
    The Return Of...BEST SONG EVER!
    Natasha Bedingfield - The One That Got Away
    Spreading wings, touching skys, etc.
    I am so lame. I hadn't heard the Kelly Clarkson song 'Breakaway' till it was on Video Hits this morning, but as soon as it came on I was just struck by the fact that oh my God, this is so INSPIRATIONAL. So I chucked my jacket on and went straight down to Sanity to get it.

    It's from the fucking Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. And it's written by Avril Lavigne. But hey, you have to take inspiration where you can find it these days. And it IS inspirational. It's my new theme song, taking over from Oasis' 'Going Nowhere'. (They both have VERY similar lyrics/themes)

    Word Of Warning: Robbie Williams 'Radio' may only be $2.99, but the b-side and remix are both shit, so think twice about getting it.

    Top 5 Songs I LOVE At The Moment:

    1. Out Of The Blue - Delta Goodrem
    2. Penny & Me - Hanson
    3. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
    4. These Words - Natasha Bedingfield
    5. Confessions Part 2 - Usher

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