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Saturday, October 02, 2004
At the risk of turning this into Dork Central, Extreme Novel Writing November have just re-designed their site and forums, and it's doing quite well to up the 'vibe'. I swear, It's like a cult over there. And you know how I regard cults (favourably). I can tell I am going to be completely sucked in. I am super excited about my novel adventures!

Meanwhile, I've just quickly done up a fake cover for my magazine to make sure I stay on track with it. (I don't know WHY but visual things like this make me more motivated to do it)

WARNING - Real cover will not look like this

The real cover will not have so much color, and believe it or not, have NOTHING to do with Stu. Well, maybe a small bit. Those stories are also false, though are headed in the right direction.

Employee Update

Yes - We have one! That makes the magazine 100% official and going ahead. I have employed top Lizzer Callum (no link in case he doesn't want one, but I can add it) to write about Bunyips, AFL and other related things.

Remember, email if you want to get involved!
My Book (now with Magazine stuff too)

'I've still got a month and a bit to plan'

Obviously I was quite ignorant of the fact that yesterday was the 1st of October, so, erm, I've just got the month then. That might be the first ever mistake I've made...enjoy it, because it WILL be the last.

So, time to 'get into gear' on Engine Trouble then. For a sneak preview, here is an excerpt from chapter 4.

Dr Kennedy gulped as he looked at the x-ray in front of him.

'Stu', he said quietly. 'I think you'd better take a look at this'.

Stu picked up the sheet and held it to the light. As the realisation of what he was seeing dawned on him he began to shake. That wasn't a brain...that was a gearbox!

Stu dropped the x-ray and turned around to face Dr Kennedy.

'Who gave the green light to this operation?' he yelled.

'I don't know', Dr Kennedy replied. 'But I think it's time we put the brakes on it'...

No, not really. In all seriousness, it's not going to be about Life Mechanics. I think I've driven that car into the ground. Unless I was purposely trying to write the Worst Book Ever, but that idea has already been done.


Meanwhile, I believe that on Thursday I said I was starting work on my magazine 'tomorrow'. That wasn't so much a mistake as a lie. But actually, I am only a day late, because I am starting it today. Right here, right now.

I think, along the same lines as the the Novel Marathon, the magazine has to be done within a small time frame. I'm just starting my own movement here...Magazine Writing Week. It HAS to be finished by the end of next week, or else. Now, I'll naively suggest that other people join in...obviously no one will, but I'll hold out hope. Other people could try and produce their own magazine by the end of the week, and then we could share!

I'll share anyway, I guess. Though I'm only making one copy, and it is for my own career-related purposes. But I guess I could make copies if anyone wanted one (ha) or scan it.

Oooh...EVEN BETTER! Now I've really got naive ambitious ideas. OTHER people could help with mine! This would be brilliant...I could be a proper editor...with other people to boss around, instead of just myself.

Ok, Serious Time then.

If ANYONE (and I'm particularly looking at any budding freelancers out there, you know who you are...) has any ideas, articles, stories, pictures, contributions...anything at all really...that they would like to submit for the first issue of Bonza, then send them in, now.


Now, I'm being quite serious. This will be a reasonably professional will definitely get DONE, for one thing. And I'll get it printed properly and everything. You'd mostly be doing it to help ME, but hey, that's got to be pretty satisfying in itself.

I'll post more details and updates later, but now I've got to get to work!
Friday, October 01, 2004
I found a bunch of Spice Girls books down at the op-shop today (some that I already had, but I bought them anyway) including issue 4 of the official mag which I DID NOT HAVE!

Yay! And PEOPLE - give your Spice Girl stuff to ME if you don't want it. I really don't know what goes through some peoples heads when they are getting rid of SG stuff. Insane.

Anyway, this magazine is very excellent. It's got loads of pictures and stuff I hadn't seen or read before.

And this quiz at the back...I'm not sure what it had to do with the Spice Girls, but I sure did like the options.

I know who it is! B! But not for long of course...I've got a movie roll all lined up for my estranged brother.
This Is Not For Discussion

Care of this statement of intention I’ve been alerted to the existence of what is known as Extreme Novel Writing November. It seems, basically, that the idea is that you produce a 50 000 word novel between the 1st and 30th of November. It’s like a novel-writing marathon, and rather excellently 'Values enthusiasm and perseverance over talent and craft'.

Obviously, I'm totally doing it. I've still got a month and a bit to 'plan', but there's probably not going to be any going past STU - A Novel. It will be a sort of Barry Lyndon-esque chronicalling of Stu's rise and fall. Alternatively, maybe I could venture into sci-fi with a futuristic vision of a post-apocalyptic Erinsborough, as Lyn becomes the first to resort to cannibalism in chapter 5.

There's also the thriller option...I could really delve into the darker side of Life Mechanics, with Stu as the anti-hero struggling to get out of the organisition before his brain is replaced with a gear box. Murder, conspiracies, spark plugs. I'll call it 'A Spanner In The Works' or something. Oooh...'Engine Trouble'. Yes, that's better.

I urge EVERYONE to join in with the novel writing fun.
Just some quick stuff about the Definitely Maybe dvd

I wrote about this before I watched disc two. The second disc has by far the best stuff on it.

First of all there's footage of a terrible gig (with Ringo in attendance! Yay!) and Liam changing the lyrics to Live Forever. But what I liked the best was Noel's quote about it:

'He changed the lyrics to be quite derogatory to Americans...and maybe to me.'

I didn't understand it, and I didn't need to.

THEN - Best. Bit.

They go back to the room that the Definitely Maybe cover was shot in, and recreate it! Complete with Liam lying on the floor and Burt buckaroos poster in place. Awesome as.
Thursday, September 30, 2004
'I live my life in the citaayyyyyy'

I got the Definitely Maybe dvd today, on the same day Cameron Adams reviewed it and said it was awesome. (The two things are totally unrelated, of course. Ahem).

CA's Review:

'A clever way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of an album rightfully described herein as one of the greatest debuts ever. Definitely Maybe allows you to listen to every album track (from Supersonic to the novelty of Digsy's Dinner) in every possible way: with visuals, with the promo videos, or live. Then, in the doco, hear the ever entertaining Noel, Liam and the boys discuss the stories (or lack thereof) behind each song and the making of the album.'

4 Stars

Yeah, ha. 'Lack thereof' is definitely correct. It becomes abundantly clear watching the 'making-of' that there was no story behind any of it. It is awesome though all the stuff you get...very thorough.

Also, Sanity charged me the 'regular edition' price for the 'deluxe version' of it, so I'm not complaining.
More Chik Magazine Excellence

When I put it up on the shelf, I realised that the tagline on the spine was 'Better than Shannon Noll's new single'.

So...random. And self-deprecating, eg, it would NOT be hard to better Nolls, S new single.

I am in love with that magazine.

I've also been reading a brand new teen mag called 'S-Girl'. It's only on it's second edition and it's not up to Chik's god-like standard, but it's still pretty good. They have an 'On Tour With Blair McDonough' bit. I would have called it 'On The Road With Stu', but, you know. It's still pretty tops.

I really love magazines you know. I think it's a pity that the Internet is making them sort of irrelevant because they are so fun and pretty and full of (pretty useless) information. I AM going to start my own. Like, tomorrow.

And, speaking of...

It's out today! Haven't read it yet, but sure it will be bonza.
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I bought the magazine Chik today. I know I'm a bit old for such teenage 'fare', but I was just buying a bunch of mags and that was one of them.

Anyway, it was all innocent enough at first...I was just casually flicking through, reading the odd bit. And then...well, first of all, I got to the letters page.

'Could you please do an article on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and include a mad poster of them?'
- Poppie White, NSW

- Editor

Ha. So I thought...hang on, this is a bit odd for a girls mag. Then I read all the letters page, and all the responses were along the same lines. Sarcastic, straight up. SUCH a change from the usual patronising tone these things take.

Then I started reading everything properly. After the phrases 'tops', 'rad', 'whatever dude', 'cool as shit', 'word' and 'check out the Sex Pistols' cropped up again and again, I started to really think this magazine was quite excellent.

And then I got to the section, Tips for maximising your personal website. And tip number one was...

'A website should be a snapshot into your life, so always ask the question: "Are there enough pictures of dragons?" '

I really couldn't even function for 10 minutes afterwards. I was just not expecting such awesomeness from what appeared on face value to be a run-of-the-mill teen mag. The hilarity just overwhelmed me.

I realised the editor must be a genius/my soulmate. After I went back to the front to find out her name, and then read her editorial, I was sure of it. Luisa Browett, you are my new all time hero and incarnation of Christ. I'm sorry were never this hilarious.

I read the whole magazine cover to cover, and it was just full of all these brilliant little bits. You just don't get this kind of stuff in Dolly and Girlfriend. I really hope Chik doesn't have to compromise and be more like them, because it is so superior. Girlfriend doesn't give you a four step guide on How To Twirl A Pen. (3. '...the trick here is speed and confidence.')

So. Excellent. I will write for this magazine if it's the last thing I do.
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
The G Crew

I've been listening to The Masterplan (album) and I've realised I really need to change my name back.

You know, for all the fads that seem to come and go, my love for Oasis WILL LIVE forever.
A Liz (Leaf Mechanics)

God, I feel like I'm back in year 12 the past two days. I'd forgotten about the all-time fun of VTAC preference applications. See I'd been vaguely considering doing a writing course next year, but with the deadline being the 30th, I wasn't rushing it too much.

And then, at 5 o'clock yesterday, I suddenly decided that I wanted to try to get into [Name of Institution kept private]. This is where I wanted to go 3 years ago, when I was first applying, but everyone (parents, teachers, careers advisors) said I wouldn't get in. And, yeah, I wouldn't have. My ENTER score was too low, and I had no practical experience to make up for it. So I didn't even apply. And then I was bitter.

So anyway, last night as I was browsing the list of places that I could potentially go to, I saw the name [Name kept private] on the list. And I immediately dismissed it, still thinking like I was 17. And then I thought...well...why the fuck couldn't I try to get in now?

So, I read the application requirements. Application form, Personal Statement, Writing sample, interview, Academic results, CV, References, Full Folio.

Needs to be in by - Wednesday. IE - Needed to be in the post today. So of course I thought well, LIKE THE FUCK THAT'S ALL GOING TO BE DONE.

Then I was angry with myself for only realising what I wanted to do when it was too late. Then I stared angrily at the application form for an hour. And then I just started to do everything on the list.

So anyway, I stayed up (literally) all night writing letters and essays and printing out anything that could be considered acceptable for a 'folio'. Whoever gets it is going to be the very first person except me to sample my semi-autobiographical novel 'T-Town'. And they are going to find out what happens when Life Is A Song.

I don't really care if I don't get in, though it would be a nice ending to the story. Afterall, this was my Dream Course back in high school, and I WOULD like to say 'sucked in big time' to my stupid careers teacher. But it's not like me + study = excellent results anyway, so if I miss out it's no big deal. But I am proud of myself for trying, and finishing something that seemed impossible this time last night.

I never really understood what the term 'Getting into gear' truly meant, but NOW I DO.
Monday, September 27, 2004
Free love on the freelance freeway

Well, Jess and I continue with the cross-blog self promotion. It's all in a bid to scam the rest of the world into thinking that we deserve our self-proclaimed status as 'freelance writers'. Anyway, I sent her a recap of last night's Idol, and she has kindly humoured me by posting it here.

Anyone else want to hire me? I charge $10 per world, or alternatively, zero.

I'm having a bit of a name dilemma. . . I need to get my business cards printed up, but I don't know which of my many names to use. I've got my real one, and then my two rock star ones. I really don't know what to do there.


Get ready for some Blur.
Sunday, September 26, 2004
What would you do, if I sang out of tune

Jess from Ausculture has volunteered to help out on songwriting duties, and I am holding her to it. She's currently working on her independent collection of politically themed songs, so I hope we won't interfere with that too much. But she's the Missy Higgins it's still ok to like, so we are glad to have her services.

SO - on that 'note' (ha!) this is what songs we have so far:

- Opening song, a cover of Magical Mystery Tour by Summer and Stu.
- The song from scene one, still to be written but to be a show tune entitled 'Get Into Gear'
- Acoustic ballad to be penned by Jess
- From the penultimate scene, a heartfelt rendition of 'Against All Odds' to be sung by Sky
- Closing scene - the gang sing 'With A Little Help From My Friends' accompanied by Ringo himself.

Actually, better get onto that letter to Ringo. (PS. Do you have french fries in England?)

I still haven't figured out what role Chris Martin will play. Other than himself of course. Oh! - DUH! He will sing a song! God, sometimes the answers really are too obvious. Hmmm...what song though. Something inspirational though, I don't doubt.

I've also just had the thought to include a new character at the last moment.

Yes, Gus will be stalking up a storm! (And thus, rendering a role for Taj fairly unnecessary I'm sure you'll agree.)

But, excellent! The movie plans are coming along brilliantly!

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