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Thursday, September 30, 2004
'I live my life in the citaayyyyyy'

I got the Definitely Maybe dvd today, on the same day Cameron Adams reviewed it and said it was awesome. (The two things are totally unrelated, of course. Ahem).

CA's Review:

'A clever way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of an album rightfully described herein as one of the greatest debuts ever. Definitely Maybe allows you to listen to every album track (from Supersonic to the novelty of Digsy's Dinner) in every possible way: with visuals, with the promo videos, or live. Then, in the doco, hear the ever entertaining Noel, Liam and the boys discuss the stories (or lack thereof) behind each song and the making of the album.'

4 Stars

Yeah, ha. 'Lack thereof' is definitely correct. It becomes abundantly clear watching the 'making-of' that there was no story behind any of it. It is awesome though all the stuff you get...very thorough.

Also, Sanity charged me the 'regular edition' price for the 'deluxe version' of it, so I'm not complaining.

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