Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Friday, September 24, 2004
It's getting better all the time...

Now that the first draft of scene 1 is done (which I will post soon) and I have already managed to include my all-time favourite saying, 'Shut your pie hole', now the challenge is on to insert my second all-time favourite saying:

'What do you think this is, bush week?'

Yes, that's going to be said at least 5 times actually. It could even be it's own movie, Sky's Bush Week. I don't actually know what Bush Week IS, but presumably it's an event where not very much is done.

And, inspired by Jess Patrick from Ausculture, Sky will at some point during the magical mystery be running into some Yogic Flyers (these are people who fly, and practice yoga and politics, for those not in the 'know'). See? The whole thing is practically writing itself.

I have to have 3(+) pieces of 'creative writing' ready by next week to submit for a course I want to do, and I'll definitely be including Sky's Magical Mystery Tour in there! (I'm only sort of joking). Actually, that is such a stupid idea that I might just do it. Will keep you informed on that.

I've also managed to land myself what could loosely be termed a writing 'job', designing and writing a monthly newsletter for a particular business. (Paying? Yes, possibly!) I think I'm just going to give myself a column - Crystal's Life Lessons, because I can. Actually, I probably very well can't, but I will try. I might start my own column here as well. And then I'll be publishing my own magazine (readership = one). I just mention all this because, you know, now's the time to jump on board and ride the train to fame and fortune off the Gallagher-Starr name! I've put that 'Help Wanted' notice up for a reason!

This whole 'write whatever you want' blogging is very freeing and excellent. It's like the early days of the Love Pavilion, with Lizzing included! I like it.


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