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Thursday, September 30, 2004
More Chik Magazine Excellence

When I put it up on the shelf, I realised that the tagline on the spine was 'Better than Shannon Noll's new single'.

So...random. And self-deprecating, eg, it would NOT be hard to better Nolls, S new single.

I am in love with that magazine.

I've also been reading a brand new teen mag called 'S-Girl'. It's only on it's second edition and it's not up to Chik's god-like standard, but it's still pretty good. They have an 'On Tour With Blair McDonough' bit. I would have called it 'On The Road With Stu', but, you know. It's still pretty tops.

I really love magazines you know. I think it's a pity that the Internet is making them sort of irrelevant because they are so fun and pretty and full of (pretty useless) information. I AM going to start my own. Like, tomorrow.

And, speaking of...

It's out today! Haven't read it yet, but sure it will be bonza.

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