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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I bought the magazine Chik today. I know I'm a bit old for such teenage 'fare', but I was just buying a bunch of mags and that was one of them.

Anyway, it was all innocent enough at first...I was just casually flicking through, reading the odd bit. And then...well, first of all, I got to the letters page.

'Could you please do an article on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and include a mad poster of them?'
- Poppie White, NSW

- Editor

Ha. So I thought...hang on, this is a bit odd for a girls mag. Then I read all the letters page, and all the responses were along the same lines. Sarcastic, straight up. SUCH a change from the usual patronising tone these things take.

Then I started reading everything properly. After the phrases 'tops', 'rad', 'whatever dude', 'cool as shit', 'word' and 'check out the Sex Pistols' cropped up again and again, I started to really think this magazine was quite excellent.

And then I got to the section, Tips for maximising your personal website. And tip number one was...

'A website should be a snapshot into your life, so always ask the question: "Are there enough pictures of dragons?" '

I really couldn't even function for 10 minutes afterwards. I was just not expecting such awesomeness from what appeared on face value to be a run-of-the-mill teen mag. The hilarity just overwhelmed me.

I realised the editor must be a genius/my soulmate. After I went back to the front to find out her name, and then read her editorial, I was sure of it. Luisa Browett, you are my new all time hero and incarnation of Christ. I'm sorry were never this hilarious.

I read the whole magazine cover to cover, and it was just full of all these brilliant little bits. You just don't get this kind of stuff in Dolly and Girlfriend. I really hope Chik doesn't have to compromise and be more like them, because it is so superior. Girlfriend doesn't give you a four step guide on How To Twirl A Pen. (3. '...the trick here is speed and confidence.')

So. Excellent. I will write for this magazine if it's the last thing I do.

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