Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Sunday, September 26, 2004
What would you do, if I sang out of tune

Jess from Ausculture has volunteered to help out on songwriting duties, and I am holding her to it. She's currently working on her independent collection of politically themed songs, so I hope we won't interfere with that too much. But she's the Missy Higgins it's still ok to like, so we are glad to have her services.

SO - on that 'note' (ha!) this is what songs we have so far:

- Opening song, a cover of Magical Mystery Tour by Summer and Stu.
- The song from scene one, still to be written but to be a show tune entitled 'Get Into Gear'
- Acoustic ballad to be penned by Jess
- From the penultimate scene, a heartfelt rendition of 'Against All Odds' to be sung by Sky
- Closing scene - the gang sing 'With A Little Help From My Friends' accompanied by Ringo himself.

Actually, better get onto that letter to Ringo. (PS. Do you have french fries in England?)

I still haven't figured out what role Chris Martin will play. Other than himself of course. Oh! - DUH! He will sing a song! God, sometimes the answers really are too obvious. Hmmm...what song though. Something inspirational though, I don't doubt.

I've also just had the thought to include a new character at the last moment.

Yes, Gus will be stalking up a storm! (And thus, rendering a role for Taj fairly unnecessary I'm sure you'll agree.)

But, excellent! The movie plans are coming along brilliantly!

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