Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Monday, October 11, 2004
19 Days To GO!

Till the novel writing kicks off. I've been giving lots of thought to my novel. Well, I've given it a thought. I don't have any clue what it will be about, except that it will be humour. Well, allegedly. I can't promise it will be actually BE humourous...I just mean that it's probably not going to be serious.

I'm most likely going to start a new blog about it, while it's being written. And I have a GREAT, appropriate, Beatles title to name it after. It will be called Hey Jude. No, it will be called Paperback Writer of course. God I am a kidder. (This is just one example of my comedy.)

Actually, I'm so pleased with that title that I am definitely going to do it. It will be good...I can put all the stuff about my (quote unquote) "writing" there, and the Mystery Tour can just have all the regular rubbish.

I can't seem to stop Lizzing blogging today. 4 in one DAY. This is quite unheard of.

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