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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Cameron Adams EXPOSED

Puntastic titles aside, HiT was a hotbed of lies and deception this week.

Yes Cameron, I AM talking about your Robbie Williams review.

He gave it the full five dogs, said it was excellent, yeah yeah, blah blah, whatever. I'm not worried about that. Exactly.

What I AM worried about is the following:

  • He says in the first paragraph that Robbie has 'never made a classic pop album'. Cameron - I remember when Life Thru A Lens and Sing When You're Winning were released, respectively, you loved them BOTH. 4 or 4.5 Dogs you gave them. And you ALWAYS hold up Life Thru A Lens as JUST THAT - a 'Classic Pop Album'.

  • He then said that Come Undone was a top song and that it shows Robbie as 'one the the greatest lyricists'. NOT TWO YEARS AGO, you called it - and I QUOTE - 'The worst song Robbie has ever released'.

    I haven't seen such blatant rewriting of history since Ricki-Lee. And Cameron ALWAYS pulls this kind of shit. Maybe he thinks most people won't notice, but he obviously isn't counting on his biggest fan remembering every. single. word. that he has ever written - but I DO. And I am just here to keep him in check.

    Personally, when I form an opinion about an artist, I stick with it. As Missy Higgins, Pete Murray and Delta Goodrem would personally attest to. So I expect the same from you Cameron.

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