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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Chanel For Prime Minister - The Idol Beatles Show "Review"

Chanel - 'Across The Universe'. Oh. My. God. That was out of this world. BEST IDOL PERFORMANCE EVER. I want to buy her version as a single.

Anthony - 'I Saw Her Standing There'. Fuck Anthony and his anti-Beatles 'statements'. I hate him from this point forward. Oh yeah, and crap performance too.

Casey - 'Eleanor Rigby'. SHE FORGOT THE WORDS! 'Eleanor Rigby...dum dum dum...erm...dum, da da...mmmmmm....' Oh. Dear. And what the hell was with all the electric guitar?? I thought this was going to be great for Casey, but it was terrible. She should be voted out.

Marty - 'Oh Darling'. Yeah, it was alright.

Hayley - 'Yesterday'. SHE FORGOT THE WORDS TOO! What the hell is going on? She also sung it way too was OK though.

Courtney - 'Got To Get You Into My Life'. 'I'd like to think that if Paul was watching the show tonight he'd think I did it justice'. You and Paul deserve each other, Courtney.

Ricki-Lee - 'We Can Work It Out'. The fact that she stated beforehand...'This is a Beatles song...but some GREAT people have covered it'...yeah, I'm going to be hating her forever as well. (I think she also forgot some words)

To sum up,
Chanel: Brilliant
Everyone Else: Ranging from completely average to astonishingly awful

Next week - Oasis Week! No, only in my head I'm afraid. It's probably Big fucking Band or something.

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