Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Dishpig Dissected

I have some questions about out new hero Dishpig. I missed some of his 'character arc' last night, so I'm not sure about something. Is he called Dishpig because he washes dishes, or does he wash dishes because he's called Dishpig? I suppose it's a bit like the chicken and the egg, isn't it. Hmm.

Also, I've thought about the WOMP comparison some more. They actually DO have a bit in common. I mean, they both:

  • Have the same hair
  • Have a stupid name
  • Are mildly retarded
  • The best character in an otherwise shit show
  • Are often referred to with a 'The' in front of their name (ie, 'The WOMP', 'The Pig')

    As much as I hate The Cooks I hope it stays on air, just to give Dishpig a chance to really come into his own.

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