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Monday, October 11, 2004
The Dogs Are Back!
For...The Official 'Out Of The Blue' Review

You know, unlike all those unofficial reviews that will be 'floating' around this week. This one is for real.

First things first: I've ALWAYS liked Delta Goodrem. I've most certainly never proclaimed her to be pure evil, or a curse on the entire country or anything like that. If that's what you think, you've obviously got me mixed up with someone else.

1. Out Of The Blue
Single Of The Year so far. (If you don't count 'Somewhere Only We Know', 'Love Is Only A Feeling', 'Popular', and 'This Is The World We Live In'). Very similar to 'Lost Without You' which can only be an excellent thing. And co-written with Guy Chambers, I can certainly detect a bit of a jaunty Robbie Williams vibe here.

2. Visualise

Another Guy Chambers track, BUT - guess who it sounds exactly like? Yes, that's right - Keane! This could well be on it's way to being a Best Song Ever. It is a bit crap though. I mean, it's good, but it's definitely a b-side. Better not be on the album.

3. Beautiful Madness's Latin-y. Or something. It's all jaunty, and NOT in the good way.


On an unrelated note, I am praying to Noel for a shock Ricki-Lee boot tonight. I have decided she is completely rubbish.

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