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Friday, October 15, 2004
Extreme Chik Appreciation Mania
There's a new Chik mag in town! (at the newsagents).

And it is brilliant, once again. I won't give you the BEST bits, because you have to buy it yourself, but here are some samples from this month's issue:

(I KNOW...Fergie on the cover again. That's two days in a row.)

You know, that's a bit like something from my own mag, in a special feature I might do:
(Don't actually use the word bonza, it's not very cool)

I do love Chik's completely irrelevant 'How To' guides though. And I'll be referring to any entertainment appliances that I own as 'Hi-Fi systems' from now on, even (well, especially) my pocket AM radio.

I think 'People lacking irony need not apply' could really refer to the whole magazine. I've also cut off the tip there, 'If you see someone wearing the same dress, spit on her', which I liked.

And they did a pros and cons as to why you should like Mark Holden! How absolutely awesome. I think this tip sums up exactly why I love him:

I DO have that ability. Unfortunately though, there were way more 'negatives' than 'positives'. But there was Marcia Bashing, so that made up for it.

Then at the end...there's a quiz - Are You As Funny As You Think You Are?

And this is the answer I got:

The thing is, I'm sure they mean it to be negative about DB, but it sort of reads like they're saying "You aren't funny enough, so go watch David Brent to get some tips on how to improve your comedy". And anyway...watching The Office and getting humour tips from David Brent is part of my daily ritual anyway, so thanks for that 'advice', Chik.

There are also the following EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT articles:

  • 'Op-shop Like A Pro'
  • 'Don't Go Psycho'
  • 'Politics - Why You Need To Give A Shit'
  • 'It's Not All Bad'
  • 'Going For Gold'

    PLUS - A Neighbours special
    PLUS - A poster of Misdemeanor Higgins
    PLUS - Some 'Guess Who' appreciation!!!! (The board game)

    I think I might just have a new Bible.

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