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Monday, October 18, 2004
Far Out Man
I am SEVERELY freaked out. I just watched the new show, The Cooks, right, and I hated it.

Except for one character. His name is Dishpig.

(He's the one at the back) I was watching, I thought...'This guy is the new WOMP!'

EXCEPT - I was 100% sure that this was for reasons only I would understand. After all...they aren't very similar. It's just this...vibe.

But, discussing it with Jess, here, she asks me 'Is he the new WOMP?' - out of nowhere!


That was so random and weird. That two different people would see the WOMP/Dishpig comparison.

Anyway...Dishpig is my new hero and life advisor. He'll probably get a gig here at some stage...instead of doubling the fun he'll be halving it, but anyway. I'm sure he has some great jokes to tell.

Dishpig Fever has hit!

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