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Thursday, October 14, 2004
The Hall Of Fame....continuing, just.
Hmmm. After yesterday's 'inducting mania', I started to get this really strong feeling of deja vu. And yeah...a quick look through the Pavilion archives revealed that I did the EXACT same thing last year. It's almost scary how much I've copied my own self.

Case In Point:

Today, I WAS going to induct the 'Live Forever' documentary, on the basis that it is 'The Best Music Documentary Ever'.

This time last year, I inducted 'In Bed With Madonna' on the basis that it was...'The Best Music Documentary Ever'.

I've frightened myself. I've become my own tribute act.


Luckily for me, but probably unfortunate for everyone else at the time, we stopped doing it about 3 days into it. Therefore, it was certainly not very definitive. So, we can still press make a better, and complete, Hall Of Fame.


I think it's pretty obvious who the third inductee is...

That's correct - it's Mel B!

Mel's Credentials:

  • Mel B had the honour of being my 'Favourite Spice Girl' for the months June through to October of 1998, briefly stealing the crown from Geri. I thought she was 'cool' and had 'a great style'.

  • For what this is worth, I think she's the best actor of all the Spice Girls in Spiceworld. Only because she doesn't even TRY to act.

  • What would the Spice Girls songs be without Mel B's rapping? The answer of course is - 100% BETTER. (But the point is, rapping in pop songs is good in theory. Even if it never worked, at least she tried)

  • 'I Want You Back', 'Tell Me' and 'Word Up' were all good singles

  • She collaborated with the original Misdemeamor Higgins, Missy Elliot.

    Also, she's a Spice Girl. That's qualification enough. Unless you're Mel C.

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