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Sunday, October 10, 2004
It's Time For Another Meeting Of....!
Yes! It's back! The most popular fanclub ever - with a membership of one! - The Danny Fanclub!

Except - It's *New And Improved*!

But HOW?

Well, I borrowed out the Steven King Shining mini-series to compare and 'contrast'. And...this is a true's on three discs, and goes for about 6 hours, and it took me till 2 hours into it to realise I was watching it in the wrong order. Yes, I'm that dumb.

Anyway. When I had finally seen it all, wrong order or not - one thing was clear. It doesn't matter WHO plays Danny, they are always bonza.

Danny II isn't quite as bonza as Original Super Danny, but he's still cool. Therefore - the Fanclub takes on a whole new dimension! Meetings are back on!

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