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Friday, October 29, 2004
"I've Gotta Go Save Some Africans'! Part 2

Seems we are having cross Liz/blog wars about the value of saving starving people in Africa though the aid of a good song.

Well, seeing as this is the Magical Mystery Tour of Celebrity Peace & Politics there's really only one place for us to visit next...yes, WE ARE GOING TO AFRICA!

Stu get the bus! It's time to get back on the road!


Tour Guides:

  • Damon 'I *heart* Africa' Albarn
  • Bob 'no snow in Africa' Geldof
  • Bono 'feed Africa' 'Paul' Hewson

    On The Stereo:

  • Afrika Bambaattaa - "Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun"
  • Toto - "Africa"

    'I bless the rains down in Africa...
    Gonna take some time to do the things we never had...'

    Crystal: Ah, here we are in Africa...
    Stu: You know...where specifically am I driving to...?
    Crystal: Just somewhere where there are people in need, Stu
    Stu: You know 'Africa' is a pretty big place right?
    Crystal: It's know what road to take
    Stu: Yeah yeah...the road to success.

    Bono: Alright you two, listen up. It's time to feed some starving people!
    Crystal: Hey Bono...I know of course, that we are IN Africa...but if we WEREN' could I help you to feed starving Africans?
    Bono: You could go here
    Crystal: But why Africa? and why Me?
    Bono: The answers are all there in the links

    Stu: What the hell IS this? It's like a public bloody service announcement
    Crystal: I think I've started to actually care
    Stu: I think we better get back to Australia...there won't be snow in Ramsay St this christmas time either you know
    Crystal: STU! Fair dinkum that was uncalled for. Anyway...I KNOW you're a bit of an Australian Bono yourself lately...shall we talk about that?
    Stu: Better save it for another post

    Crystal: Yeah alright. See ya Africa! It's been fun!
    Damon: I'm going to stay behind I think
    Stu: Good riddance then! Good bye!

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