Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Thursday, October 28, 2004
'I've Gotta Go Save Some Africans!'
Our first stop on the tour - Slough!

To pay a visit to a man who uses his humour and his profile to both help and amuse people...

If he makes people laugh whilst saving lives, sue him.

"People say to me 'Oi Brent, why are you still bothering with Comic Relief? You're always doing it and there's still people starving' - that's why I'm still doing it."

Yes, if there's one person in the world that really embodies the spirit of celebrities giving back to society, it's David Brent. Just remember that all the money raised is for both dances...because on a serious note - we are raising money for people who are starving to death.

But who says famine has to be depressing!

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