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Sunday, October 24, 2004
A Lesson In Comedy
Remember when I did that test Are You As Funny As You Think You Are? and I got 'Well done - YOU ARE DAVID BRENT!' ? Well, I think I just got some more cold hard comedy home truths, thanks to my tape of last night's Rage.

It was Tripod guest programming, who I really can't stand. I think they are totally non-hilarious, and their 'affiliation' with Rove isn't helping either.

Anyway...the first song they picked was Tenancious D 'Tribute'. I found this VERY fitting because yesterday I'd said they were the Australian version of Tenancious D, but without any comedy or music skills. So when one of them said 'This band makes me want to quit my job' I was thinking, yeah, PLEASE DO.

But then...strike me down, because the rest of their intro to the song was quite hilarious. And their into to the next song as well!

Which made me slowly start to think...when I eventually guest program rage...I don't think I'm going to be this hysterical. Oh my God - I AM NOT EVEN AS FUNNY AS TRIPOD.

I don't think I'll watch the rest of the tape because it's too depressing.

What I CAN do though - is practice. My Ultimate Rage Playlist changes week-to-week, but if for some reason Rage phoned me this right this instant and said 'Pick your playlist RIGHT NOW!' this is what would be on it.

I think it really does straddle the line between obeying The Rage Rules, and picking all the songs I love. All I have to do now is look through it and decide between which songs to insert the jokes.

Crystal's Rage Guest Program Playlist:

1. Whatever - OASIS
2. Ticket To Ride - THE BEATLES
3. Instant Karma! - JOHN LENNON
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - THE SMITHS
5. Wannabe - THE SPICE GIRLS
6. Buffalo Stance - NENEH CHERRY
7. Stay - LISA LOEB
8. London Calling - THE CLASH
9. This Is Hardcore - PULP
10. Common People - PULP
11. Baby One More Time - BRITNEY SPEARS
12. Lucky Star - MADONNA
13. Hell Hole - SPINAL TAP
14. Love In An Elevator - AEROSMITH
15. Living On A Prayer - BON JOVI
16. Paint It Black - ROLLING STONES
17. Karma Police - RADIOHEAD
18. For Tomorrow - BLUR
19. To The End - BLUR
20. Good Vibrations - MARKY MARK
21. U Can't Touch This - MC HAMMER
22. Don't You Want Me - HUMAN LEAGUE
23. Come Home With Me Baby - DEAD OR ALIVE
24. Rebel Rebel - DAVID BOWIE
25. Animal Nitrate - SUEDE
26. Hello Sunshine - SUPER FURRY ANIMALS
27. I Believe In A Thing Called Love - THE DARKNESS
28. The Scientist - COLDPLAY
29. Slam Dunk Da Funk - FIVE
31. Wham Rap - WHAM!
32. Satellite Of Love - LOU REED
32. Shiny Happy People - REM Feat B-52S
33. I Want You Back - JACKSON FIVE
34. Gigantic - THE PIXIES
35. Malibu - HOLE
37. California Love - 2PAC Feat DR DRE
38. Lose Yourself - EMINEM
39. Foolish Games - JEWEL
40. Love Takes Time - MARIAH CAREY
41. Why Can't I - LIZ PHAIR
42. Winter - TORI AMOS
43. Back For Good - TAKE THAT
44. Hanging On The Telephone - BLONDIE
45. Back In Black - AC/DC
45. Papa Don't Preach - KELLY OSBOURNE
46. No Good Advice - GIRLS ALOUD
47. Help! - THE BEATLES
48. Rock 'n' Roll Star - OASIS
49. Supersonic - OASIS
50. Live Forever - OASIS

Oh my GOD, that is the best collection of songs ever. Now I just wish so badly that it was real.

Rage, call me! - I have hilarious anecdotes after all!

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