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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Magazine Business

I think I'm taking the David Brent approach to management a bit far, because instead of working the past three days, I've spent all my time coming up with a cross between Noel's House Party and Telly Addicts.

I promise that tomorrow I am turning over a new leaf.

Not that I have abandoned magazines altogether...I've certainly been reading a lot. You know, I think my magazine addiction rivals my CD addiction, and that is saying something. Sometimes I go to the newsagents twice a day. Just in the past week I've bought Chik, S-Girl, NME, NME Originals Glam Special, New Dawn, Writer's Magazine, Elle and Vogue. I can say it's 'research' all I like, but it's NOT. I don't even read them, really.

Damn...that leaf really needs to be turned. I'll be climbing a brand new tree, starting right now.


I know what I am writing my novel on!! (Sort of) I can't wait for November 1.

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