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Friday, October 22, 2004
Me, Cameron & The Sugababes - A Tale Of Courage & Heartbreak

Listening to the Sugababes debut album this afternoon, I was reminded of a very tumultuous time in mine and Cameron Adams' relationship.

It was the Spring of 2000, and two simultaneous events were happening.

1. There was this new song out that I hated. Absolutely hated with a passion. I would often catch it on Video Hits or hear it on the radio, but for some reason I had never heard the title or name of the act. All I knew was that I hated it for many reasons...the crappy film clip, the ugly band members, that stupid line about trains...'train moves I don't know it's destination...'. For some reason I thought the song was probably called 'Destination' or something.

2. There was this new song out that Cameron Adams kept going on about in HiT. During the weeks leading up to it's release, he would mention it, and called it 'Late contender for song of the year'. When he did the review for it he gave it The Full Five Dogs - very rare for a single - and said it was a pop masterpiece. Every time he said something like this, I would think, I have GOT to hear this song - it must be excellent! I wonder why I've never heard it... It was called 'Overdrive' by some group called the Sugababes.

Imagine my horror when I discovered that they were THE SAME SONG. I was watching the video on TV, and finally caught what the name of the song was, and who it was by. I was in serious shock.

I could not believe that Cameron had got it SO. WRONG. His Best Song Ever, was That Stupid Song I Hate.

To this day, I STILL think he was wrong. It's the only time he's ever really loved a song that I have hated. It really caused me to re-think my religion. I really questioned everything that day.

And yet...the day the album was released, despite the fact that Overdrive was the only song I'd heard, and obviously hated, I bought the album. Because I NEEDED to believe that Cameron could not lead me so far astray.

And - I loved it.

It had a happy ending afterall! And I knew I could continue trusting Cameron Adams forever!

The end.

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