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Saturday, October 02, 2004
My Book (now with Magazine stuff too)

'I've still got a month and a bit to plan'

Obviously I was quite ignorant of the fact that yesterday was the 1st of October, so, erm, I've just got the month then. That might be the first ever mistake I've made...enjoy it, because it WILL be the last.

So, time to 'get into gear' on Engine Trouble then. For a sneak preview, here is an excerpt from chapter 4.

Dr Kennedy gulped as he looked at the x-ray in front of him.

'Stu', he said quietly. 'I think you'd better take a look at this'.

Stu picked up the sheet and held it to the light. As the realisation of what he was seeing dawned on him he began to shake. That wasn't a brain...that was a gearbox!

Stu dropped the x-ray and turned around to face Dr Kennedy.

'Who gave the green light to this operation?' he yelled.

'I don't know', Dr Kennedy replied. 'But I think it's time we put the brakes on it'...

No, not really. In all seriousness, it's not going to be about Life Mechanics. I think I've driven that car into the ground. Unless I was purposely trying to write the Worst Book Ever, but that idea has already been done.


Meanwhile, I believe that on Thursday I said I was starting work on my magazine 'tomorrow'. That wasn't so much a mistake as a lie. But actually, I am only a day late, because I am starting it today. Right here, right now.

I think, along the same lines as the the Novel Marathon, the magazine has to be done within a small time frame. I'm just starting my own movement here...Magazine Writing Week. It HAS to be finished by the end of next week, or else. Now, I'll naively suggest that other people join in...obviously no one will, but I'll hold out hope. Other people could try and produce their own magazine by the end of the week, and then we could share!

I'll share anyway, I guess. Though I'm only making one copy, and it is for my own career-related purposes. But I guess I could make copies if anyone wanted one (ha) or scan it.

Oooh...EVEN BETTER! Now I've really got naive ambitious ideas. OTHER people could help with mine! This would be brilliant...I could be a proper editor...with other people to boss around, instead of just myself.

Ok, Serious Time then.

If ANYONE (and I'm particularly looking at any budding freelancers out there, you know who you are...) has any ideas, articles, stories, pictures, contributions...anything at all really...that they would like to submit for the first issue of Bonza, then send them in, now.


Now, I'm being quite serious. This will be a reasonably professional will definitely get DONE, for one thing. And I'll get it printed properly and everything. You'd mostly be doing it to help ME, but hey, that's got to be pretty satisfying in itself.

I'll post more details and updates later, but now I've got to get to work!

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