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Saturday, October 09, 2004

You know what, I refuse to accept this result. I don't care if Australia has 'decided'...they have decided WRONG. I'll be just living in denial for the next three years - see you when I get back to reality in 2007!

I won't bore you with the details of my Fun Political Day today, but to wrap-up I spent all of today:

  • Convincing people to vote Green (preferencing Labour)
  • Feeling excited that the Greens would pick up a load of votes,
  • But that Labour would also win
  • Every time I saw a picture of Mark Latham, waving at it and saying 'Hello future Prime Minister Mark Latham!'
  • Excitedly informing everyone that tomorrow is 'the start of a brand new era!'

    And then I get home, and a nightmare begins slowly unfolding on the TV screen.

    That is IT. Fuck YOU, Australia. Where's my brand new era gone? My youthful heart was filled with fucking joy this afternoon and NOW YOU'VE RUINED IT.

    Every single animation in the country has been taken down.

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