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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Ricki-Lee Against The Beatles
Up against the speaker, tryin' take on the music...

So Ricki-Lee blames 'The Beatles' for her getting kicked out of Idol does she? I tell you what, I am getting tired of her damn attitude. She actually thinks she's better than them. In her own head, that is what she thinks.

But, you know, we'll give her the fair comparison. So I guess it's time for another one of our-tried-and-true 'Against The Beatles' match-ups:

The Fab Four Vs A Complete Spak Head
- Who most rules the world of music?

The Beatles: Hundreds
Ricki-Lee: None

The Beatles: 40 years of immeasurable influence upon music and pop culture
Ricki-Lee: Was on Australian Idol for 6 weeks

I think we'll just stop this farce right now. It's obvious why God (aka Noel) ejected her from Idol this week. He doesn't take this shit, and neither should anyone else.


Next Up: A much more fair comparison...Ricki-Lee against Mel C. Oh damn...I think Mel C might genuinely win...

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