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Monday, October 18, 2004
Ricki-Lee's Guide To Improvement

Hello, I'm Ricki-Lee! Welcome to my new segment, Ricki-Lee's Guide To Improvement - where I take so-called 'classic' things and improve them, with a fresh Ricki-Lee vibe!

Last week I was unfairly voted out of Australian Idol after singing a wonderful improved version of a Beatles song. A lot of people have said that maybe I was voted out because I murdered it, and annoyed a lot of Beatles fans with my total lack of respect and offensive attitude. But as I have quite clearly stated several times during interviews this week the reason I was voted out was because I was SO good - everyone thought I was safe! And thus didn't vote!

So the point is - everyone loves my improvements! Which is why I've been thinking... why stop at the Beatles?? There are so many other things I could improve!

For my first improvement, I thought I would give Michelangelo a little lesson in art. I paid a visit to the Sistine Chapel recently, and it's quite clear what I thought of it:

I mean, look at it - It's old! And I hate old things! It really needed me to give it a modern update, to make it more Ricki-Lee, so that people will like it more.

So I got straight to work! After some modern Ricki-Lee touch-ups, it looks something like this:

See? Improvement! Now it's something you can really enjoy. Boy, if only there was an Art Idol! I'd probably be even more successful than I was on Oz Idol!

Coming up soon, on Ricki-Lee's Guide To Improvement:

  • Memo to Mozart: your music needs improvement
  • It's time for a remake of Casablanca - Ricki-Lee style!
  • So God created the universe did he? Well I could do a better job!

    See you all next time!

    XXX Ricki-Lee


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