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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
The Dancing Blur Animation

Yes, the second inductee into what is totally not the Hall Of Fame is the famous Dancing Blur Animation:

Now, some people have argued that it's not so much 'dancing' as it is moving left to right. Well, I say that those people just don't know good dancing when they see it. I KNOW my way around Animation Shop alright? If I decide to make a dancing animation, then that is LITERALLY what is 'on the cards'.

But ok, the most important thing (believe it or not) about the animation though, is not that it dances, but what it represents.

It first appeared when the Love Pavilion originally 'closed' 'down'.

When I took the rest of the content off, as a kind of consolation I put this up for people to enjoy instead.

HOWEVER. When people started to act mean and ungrateful, I took it down as punishment, so that there would be NO MORE ENJOYMENT.

It worked well, and everyone learned their lesson.

And since that day, the phrase 'Animations have been taken down' has become synonymous with 'Trouble has QUITE CLEARLY ARRIVED'

The significance of it containing Blur is not to be overlooked either. Blur have been the cause of every fight that has ever been. Whether you LOVE THEM FOREVER, HATE them forever, or just enjoy the odd jaunty vibe that they bring to the table, controversy (and dancing) follows them every step of the way.

Well done Dancing Animation Of Fear - you are the second member of TNTHOF!

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