Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Sunday, October 03, 2004
Spreading wings, touching skys, etc.
I am so lame. I hadn't heard the Kelly Clarkson song 'Breakaway' till it was on Video Hits this morning, but as soon as it came on I was just struck by the fact that oh my God, this is so INSPIRATIONAL. So I chucked my jacket on and went straight down to Sanity to get it.

It's from the fucking Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. And it's written by Avril Lavigne. But hey, you have to take inspiration where you can find it these days. And it IS inspirational. It's my new theme song, taking over from Oasis' 'Going Nowhere'. (They both have VERY similar lyrics/themes)

Word Of Warning: Robbie Williams 'Radio' may only be $2.99, but the b-side and remix are both shit, so think twice about getting it.

Top 5 Songs I LOVE At The Moment:

1. Out Of The Blue - Delta Goodrem
2. Penny & Me - Hanson
3. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
4. These Words - Natasha Bedingfield
5. Confessions Part 2 - Usher

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