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Friday, October 08, 2004

* Election tomorrow!!!!! I'm so excited!
* Chanel is singing 'Across The Universe'! OMG OMG. I will be voting for her for the first time ever.
* Did you see that guy's Beatles house/shrine? Oh my God, I want to move in with him. I would never leave if I went inside. That will so totally be my house one day anyway though. Except with Spice Girls stuff.

Speaking of...I am so re-obsessed with them. I watched Spiceworld for the first time in about a year yesterday, and it just bought the magic right back. After I finished working today I spent the rest of the day making Spice Girls Compilation albums. I made three, actually...

1. Bumper To Bumper (Aka 'Stu's Favourite Song Ever)
2. Take Me Home
3. One Of These Girls
4. Baby Come Round
5. Spice Invaders
6. Step To Me
7. Walk Of Life
8. Outer Space Girls
9. Aint No Stopping Us Now
10. Christmas Wrapping

I only realised after the fact that I forgot 'Strongest Suit'. Damn it to hell.

1. 2 Become 1
2. Mama
3. Naked
4. Too Much
5. Viva Forever
6. Let Love Lead The Way
7. Time Stands Still
8. Oxygen
9. Goodbye
10. 2 Become 1 Orchestral Mix
11. Viva Forever Remix
12. Goodbye Orchestral Mix

'Good Songs'
1. Wannabe
2. Say You'll Be There
3. Love Thing
4. Who Do You Think You Are
5. If You Can't Dance
6. Spice Up Your Life
7. Stop
8. Move Over
9. Do It
10. Lady Is A Vamp
11. Holler
12. Right Back Atcha
13. Weekend Love

The Spice Girls are so awesome. I think I'm going to have to write a book about them...I am more than willing to dedicate my life to being a full-time Spice Girls fan.

Now I feel like making lists.

Top 5 Spice Girls Songs Ever:
1. Goodbye
2. Wannabe
3. Who Do You Think You Are
4. Spice Up Your Life
5. Outer Space Girls

Top 5 Oasis Songs Ever:
1. Supersonic
2. Live Forever
3. The Masterplan
4. Some Might Say
5. Slide Away

Top 5 Beatles Songs Ever:
1. With A Little Help From My Friends
2. Hello Goodbye
3. A Day In The Life
4. Strawberry Fields Forever
5. Across The Universe

Spice Girls In Decending Order Of Exellence:

1. Geri Halliwell

[Large Gap]

2. Victoria Beckham
3. Melanie Brown
4. Emma Bunton

[Extremely Large Gap]

5. Mel C

Beatles In Decending Order Of Excellence:

1. Ringo Starr

[Large Gap]

2. John Lennon
3. George Harrison

[Extrememly Large Gap]

4. Paul McCartney

Oasis In Decending Order Of Excellence:

1. Noel Gallagher
2. Liam Gallagher
3. Erm...
4. The other
5. ones

Extreme Spice Girls/Oasis/Beatles Appreciation Mania Week coming up btw!

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