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Sunday, October 03, 2004
These Words
First of all, some quick FAQs

So, what happened to Sky's Magical Mystery Tour then?

I sort of stopped writing it.

This place is pretty much just about peddling whatever your latest 'wares' are now isn't it?


When is WOMP coming back? I miss him.

Believe me, I restrain myself from using the Blogger 'Invite' function every day. But he's busy in heaven, so we should let him be.

Official NaNoWriMo 20\ 04 Participant

Click on the picture to go to the site and join! I want EVERYONE to do it. It is going to be extreme and bonza.

Remember that quote from Spiceworld? 'Mel C, who's convinced that she could become an Olympic ski jump champion - if she could only overcome her fear of heights, and of snow...and if she could just get her hands on a pair of skis.'

As much as I HATE to compare myself to Mel C, that's exactly how I feel, if you replaced skiing with writing. I'm convinced I could become a best selling author, if I could just overcome my fear of keyboards, and word processors...and if I could just actually write something.

My freelancing course tells me that the number one fear to overcome is Fear Of The Blank Screen. God, I KNOW. I could stare at one for hours. This isn't really very helpful, when I've got magazines and novels to produce.

Anyway, enough of Negativity Hour. I'll just have to keep reminding myself to take control of the steering wheel, etc.

I now have a total of two employees on my non-existent 'pay-roll'. This is excellent though, as I was expecting to get exactly zero people interested. As this rate I'll be requiring resumes.

But now, finally, I have the opportunity to put all my David Brent skills into practice. I'll be using humour to boost worker moral, introducing the controversial 'team individuality' management technique, and of course, using jigsaws as my number one method. Which you will fear. Especially if you view them through a keyhole.

Woohoo! Remember I AM still looking for staff, so if you want a boss who's a friend first, and an entertainer third, apply right now.

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