Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Sunday, October 17, 2004
Things Are Actually The Same Again
I guess Extreme Beatles/Spice Girls/Oasis Appreciation Mania Week is over, because...well, it's been a week. I didn't really want to end it, but that's the way 'weeks' operate.

Anyway, it's the Mel C Hating Celebration Festival. I know the picture up the top is a bit 'large' but I like it so it has to stay. Won't be there for too long anyway. for my Top Ten All Times Legends List. I made the list...but, I dunno. It just doesn't seem right when I read it back. I think Serious Time might just be Never Time.

Number 1 and 2 are correct and will never change (God, and...the other God). But the rest...I can't get it quite right. And I want Stu in the list, if it's ever official. So I don't know if it will actually happen now.

But that's OK, because there's Mel C Mania galore going on!

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