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Friday, October 01, 2004
This Is Not For Discussion

Care of this statement of intention I’ve been alerted to the existence of what is known as Extreme Novel Writing November. It seems, basically, that the idea is that you produce a 50 000 word novel between the 1st and 30th of November. It’s like a novel-writing marathon, and rather excellently 'Values enthusiasm and perseverance over talent and craft'.

Obviously, I'm totally doing it. I've still got a month and a bit to 'plan', but there's probably not going to be any going past STU - A Novel. It will be a sort of Barry Lyndon-esque chronicalling of Stu's rise and fall. Alternatively, maybe I could venture into sci-fi with a futuristic vision of a post-apocalyptic Erinsborough, as Lyn becomes the first to resort to cannibalism in chapter 5.

There's also the thriller option...I could really delve into the darker side of Life Mechanics, with Stu as the anti-hero struggling to get out of the organisition before his brain is replaced with a gear box. Murder, conspiracies, spark plugs. I'll call it 'A Spanner In The Works' or something. Oooh...'Engine Trouble'. Yes, that's better.

I urge EVERYONE to join in with the novel writing fun.

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