Sky's Magical Mystery Tour
Thursday, October 07, 2004
Top 5 Reasons Neighbours Has Ruled This Week
1. Puntastic Titles
'Boyds To Men'. Excellent. If tomorrow's is called 'The Sky's the Limit' I might just explode.

2. Stu Extravaganza
On Tuesday night, Stu was involved in not one, but TWO major storylines. Plus, for the one minute he wasn't on screen, the other characters were talking about him.

3. The Return Of Sky's Blue Streaks
Old school Sky has returned. Welcome back Sky, we missed you!

4. Lesbianism
Lana on Izzie: 'She's a hottie'. And then Sky's jealous reaction...brilliant.

5. Taj Mentioned TWICE
I think Taj's name was flung around on two consecutive nights! Gone but not forgotten! Woohoo!

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