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Saturday, October 02, 2004
At the risk of turning this into Dork Central, Extreme Novel Writing November have just re-designed their site and forums, and it's doing quite well to up the 'vibe'. I swear, It's like a cult over there. And you know how I regard cults (favourably). I can tell I am going to be completely sucked in. I am super excited about my novel adventures!

Meanwhile, I've just quickly done up a fake cover for my magazine to make sure I stay on track with it. (I don't know WHY but visual things like this make me more motivated to do it)

WARNING - Real cover will not look like this

The real cover will not have so much color, and believe it or not, have NOTHING to do with Stu. Well, maybe a small bit. Those stories are also false, though are headed in the right direction.

Employee Update

Yes - We have one! That makes the magazine 100% official and going ahead. I have employed top Lizzer Callum (no link in case he doesn't want one, but I can add it) to write about Bunyips, AFL and other related things.

Remember, email if you want to get involved!

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