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Monday, November 15, 2004

(I had to scan my own copy of the Popstars 3 CD because I couldn't find any online. Yes I do own it and yes I do still give it the odd spin, thanks)

Anyway, forget last night's Australian Idol - yesterday it was all about Popstars 3 if you REALLY wanted to get to know your Idol finalists.

If, like me, you were sad enough to:

a) Tape every episode of Popstars 3
b) Keep them for almost 3 years
c) Spend all of Sunday afternoon re-watching them

then you would have also witnessed the following:

Anthony Callea's audition! If you are anything like me this would have caused you shriek in a mixture of horror/joy/excitement, and to rewind the tape back 5 times to watch the footage again.
Fact! Anthony used to enjoy the odd blonde highlight in his hair

Gabriel Cabrera! This was hilarious for so many reasons. 1, I remember this audition very well. Gabs quit his hairdressing job to try out for Popstars, then delivered a most horrifying audition piece. That's funny enough just on it's own, but it's double as high-larious when you also think about how well he did in Australian Idol (IE - NOT VERY).

Most importantly though, even though he was feeling a bit sick, he recovered at the last moment to sing in time. The show ALWAYS goes on with Gabriel!

A possible shot of Ricki-Lee! I'm not 100% sure it was her...I did pause the tape to have a closer look, but it still wasn't clear. I remember reading she tried out for Popstars, but I think she might have been too young for this series. Nevertheless, those few seconds she was on screen were the best moments of the entire show. She really showed the other contestants how it was done.

Now, let's talk about Scott Cain for a moment.

Do you know what, I KNEW there was a reason I'd liked him at the time. For one of his live performances he sung Don't Look Back In Anger! This automatically makes him better than every single other popstar/idol contestant, because no one else has ever done an Oasis song. Thinking about it actually, I'm surprised Marty never did...he could have literally gone to town with Live Forever.

Also, before it even GOT to the Oasis performance, I'd realised Scott was pretty bonza. I guess that's why I voted other people voted for him to win.

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