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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Delta's Album!

I listened to it with Cameron's track-by-track review next to me so that I could be informed and enlightened. By pure coincidence, our opinions are quite similar. I'll go through the album track-by-track as well, giving both mine and Cameron's views.

1. Out Of The Blue:
Cameron Says: This version ups the drama with a Beatlesque crescendo
Crystal Says: I agree

2. The Analyst:
Cameron Says: This is brilliant
Crystal Says: I'll second that

3. Mistaken Identity:
Cameron Says: Her ultra personal pop-masterpiece. Think Tori Amos doing the soundtrack to Moulin Rogue.
Crystal Says: Couldn't have put it any better myself

4. Extraordinary Day:
Cameron Says: Peer into Delta's diary as she relives the day she was diagnosed with cancer. Suitably dark and intense
Crystal: Yes, it is.

5. A Little Too Late:
Cameron Says: Clever, late ABBA-esque pop song...Intoxicating
Crystal Says: THIS SONG IS BRILLIANT. In a Mark Holden's the:


6. Be Strong:
Cameron Says: Poignant, positive ballad
Crystal Says: Yeah, it's a ballad. It's quite good

7. Electric Storm:
Cameron Says: A moody pop song you wouldn't expect from Delta
Crystal Says: Ditto

8. Almost Here:
Cameron Says: The duet with Brian McFadden...a big melancholic power ballad
Crystal Says: BEST SONG EVER (again)

9. Miscommunication:
Cameron Says: Hmmm
Crystal Says: Yeah, it's crap

10. Sanctuary:
Cameron Says: Another classy, string-soaked pop symphony
Crystal Says: That is correct

11. Last Night On Earth:
Cameron Says: Swings between subtle verses and a rather colossal chorus
Crystal Says: Yes it does

12. Fragile:
Cameron Says: Stark, tender ballad
Crystal Says: A bit average, really

13. Disoriented:
Cameron Says: Another dark-tinged document of her recovery
Crystal Says: Yeah. I'm getting slightly tired of it as well

14. You Are My Rock:
Cameron Says: A public thank you to brother Trent
Crystal: And it's very nice, actually.

Bonus Track - No One Listened
Cameron Says: No review
Crystal Says: Well I'm all up the creek with no canoe then

It's not the BEST ALBUM EVER, unfortunately. But it's pretty bonza. A Little Too Late really is the best song ever, and the Brian McFadden duet is suprisingly brilliant.

3.5 Dogs
(I can't be bothered to find dog icon)

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