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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
GO CASEY! (Sort Of)

I am LITERALLY in two minds as to whether or not start Extreme CASEY MUST WIN AUSTRALIAN IDOL Mania.

On the one hand:

  • She is pretty awesome
  • She is a million times better than Anthony
  • It would be such a sweet victory if she beat that tiny little robot

    On the OTHERHAND:

  • She is pretty awesome. - I don't want her to have to release a winner's single and album, which always suck SO BADLY
  • She claims Kurt Cobain is her hero

    No, while the last point is by no means a GOOD thing, it's not really why I want her to lose. In a way I want Anthony to win because he will get all the shitty songs and Casey might get decent ones. BUT - I also really want her to BEAT him.

    I'm too conflicted at the moment.

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